introit in the snow

yuki, muon, madobe nite.
snow, soundless, at the window side

In a soundless world,
Fluttering down, I was snow

Something is broken, something is born
Repeatedly, even fruitless things
The unstoppable people, the enigmatic people
Including myself seeing them
There is no unsolvable problem
I already know that, but complicated stages make a story up

If I also only can have only one wish
In my memories I'll make a book from the beginning and read it at the window side
Red signs appear on pages and start dancing
I'm going to follow, there is something strange about me
This world ends when I mutter about the forbidden words...

Do I run away somewhere? I don't run away anywhere
That is the value conscious by itself
The undiscouraged people, the kind people
My future was changed by them
One calls this flowing, potent strength happiness
I've noticed that, if a vital story was written down as such

I wish if I had a dream that changes my significance of existence
The dream leads to my emotion, my affinity, and I stand by the window
I'm enveloped in silence and still waiting again
Falling down softly, they are not waterdrops but lonelier particles

In a colourless world
I found, you are a star

I'd like to try having a dream great enough to change my existence
If I connect it to emotion and empathy, I'll stand by the window
And as I'm embraced by tranquility, again I'll be waiting for tomorrow
It falls gently: not water, but a lonelier drop

In a soundless world,
Fluttering down, I was snow